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5 Ways to Update Your Living Space

home decorChanging the appearance of your home doesn't necessarily mean stripping each room of your belongings and starting all over again. There are lots of little things you can do with a few pieces of home decor that will create exactly the look you want.

Industrial Touches
Never discount the impact that metal can have on your home decor. Choosing a brushed steel lamp or a table that has metal legs can really class up a room. Industrial touches work well in modern, Tuscan, and even cozy home decor styles. The right metal piece of furniture or decoration often does a great job of reflecting your personality and makes a great focal point.

Add a Touch of the Rustic
Don't shy away from coffee tables and picture frames that are made of wood or that have a rustic feel to them. Not only do these rustic touches work really well when you're going for a Tuscan style home, but they can also be used in other interior decorating ideas and add a touch of warmth to the space. Rustic furniture and decorations give the room a lived in look.

Keep the Lines Clean
When it comes to home decor, you want to look for items that have nice clean lines. This is especially true if you're in the process of decorating a small space. The clean lines not only blend easily with the other decorations and furnishings you place in the space, but they also create an uncluttered look. When it comes to home decor never lose sight of the fact that less is usually more.

Add a Bit of Nature
Empty spaces in a book case, in an entertainment center, or on an end table don't necessarily have to be filled up with books, photos, or statues. Natural items like an interesting tree branch, bowl of lovely stones, or pretty plant work just as well.

Use Glassware
A simple home decorating trick that many people don't consider is the use of glassware in their home. Glass picture frames, Italian pewter glasses, and decorative bar ware look great when displayed on shelves or bookcases. They also have a knack for making a room seem bigger and brighter than it really is.

Whether you want to redecorate your home or you need a housewarming gift for a friend, you'll find just the right item at Blackbird Home Gallery!


The Perfect Gift For Your Valentine

BlackBirdFinding that one of a kind gift for that special someone in your life can be a hard to accomplish if they have everything they need. Even for those with everything they need, you can always surprise them with something they can use, spruce up their living space, or help impress guests at their next dinner party. Here are some ideas for you to wrap up this valentines day:

Home Decor Accents
Find them a special piece of art that will fit into one of their hobbies and looks good on the wall or table, like a unique set of antlers- perfect for both chic and rustic looks. Vases and statuettes add soothing lines and interest to a simple corner of a room, or go the cozy route with a simple beaded pillow or cashmere throw that will create comfort, warmth, and bring softness to a masculine, leather chair or couch.

Bring home a new set of wine or whiskey glasses for that dinner party. Serving iced teas and tall drinks in regular dinner glasses just wont do; invest in Match glassware for those Long Island Ice Teas and Whiskey on the rocks.

Clean and casual never goes out of style- try premium denim jeans, tops, or the trendy BedStu shoes they've had their eye on.

If what you are looking for is a one of a kind gift, check out Blackbird Lifestyle. Blackbird provides unique and quirky art, furniture, accessories, clothing, and lighting like nothing else in the area.

Blackbird Featured in Sarasota Magazine!

gold-leaf glasswareSarasota Magazine Fashion Editor Heather Dunhill  showcased unique and gorgeous holiday gift ideas from local Sarasota stores. From Blackbird, our elegant signed glassware was featured, and for good reason! This beautiful glassware will satify both martini and champagne lovers a like and will especially appeal to those with an eye for beauty with their delicatly hand painted gold-leaf detail. The artist calls these the Northern and Southern Hemisphere designs as the gold covers either one or the other. These are truely a beautifully designed and created timeless gift for anyone on your list!

Shop BedStu’s at Black Bird

BedStuBedStu’s are an exceptional shoe and a customer favorite. Each shoe is beautifully hand crafted with materials that are aged to perfection with unique hand finishes. Cushioned outsoles provide durability and comfort and their rich leather components give them an authentic vintage feel that is engineered to last.

Hand dyeing, burnishing, and aging gives each pair its own individual character creating variations in color, meaning no two pairs are the same.

What Is Contemporary Design?

black bird designThe contemporary design style was born in the mid half of the 20th century when a range of styles merged. Today’s contemporary style features both round and sharp edges a like, a mostly neutral color pallet- sometimes with a pop of color for accent- and a comfortable, welcoming feeling.

Modern or Contemporary?
While these design styles are similar, there are definite differences between them. Modern design features bold, stark lines giving a minimalist feel. Contemporary design focuses more on basic lines, form, and shape, giving a warm, comfortable feel.

Achieving the Look
Keeping a less is more mindset is best. Use solid or subtly patterned fabrics rather than bold, colorful prints and go with minimal accessories in lieu of large collections. Colors usually include a range of neutrals, black, and white and often feature a punch of color through simple room décor or an accent wall. When walls are painted with a neutral, a great backdrop is created for the rest of the room.

Décor is a huge element of this look. The space between pictures and décor on the walls is just as important as the décor itself. Use round edged décor to balance out sharp edges and welcome the idea of high-gloss finishes. Chrome, steel, and glass work great when mixed in with the neutral color pallet, keeping the less is more mindset in mind. Combining shine with texture, like ribbed or crackled glass or brushed nickel and copper, works great. A few pieces here and there can really tie a room together!

Using the proper lighting as your room accent creates a great focal point. Find floor and table lamps with straight lines and sleek finishes. Incorporating color into your fixtures with, for example, a lampshade, is a great place for the rooms pop of color. Using recessed or track lighting can draw attention to accessories and décor.

Ultimately, achieving a contemporary look is not difficult. Paying attention to color, lines, and textures is the key. When keeping these factors in mind and adding your own personal touches, your perfect room can easily be achieved.

Black Bird Home Gallery Awards

Did you know we hold numerous awards for our elegant furniture and accessories? We are proud of our reputation here at Black Bird Home Gallery and are delighted to satisy our customers needs. Check out a few of our awards! 
100 Top Luxury Retailers
Best Furniture Store
Best Home Accessories Store

5 timeless pieces of home decor

Forget the impulse buys, cheap deals and trendy designs that will be out of style before you know it. It's time to stop all that wasteful shopping and splurge on furniture and other home goods that you'll keep forever. chand

Dining Room Table
Cottage-style table and chair sets will hold their value forever. As far as finish goes, opt for something simple, like black or maple. From family dinners to homework to holidays, a lifetime of memories will be created at this very table.

Luxury meets functionality when you light up the grand entrance of your home with a classic chandelier. Try a hand-crafted piece that incorporates glass jewels and bronze structure for an ultra-classic look. 

Wall clocks serve more than just their basic function. They pieces of simplistic beauty, style and sophistication. A large, dark metal piece with roman numerals is possibly the best piece of decor for the largest wall in the home.

Original Artwork
The next time you attend a community art show, keep your eyes peeled for a piece that takes your breath away. And don't be afraid to splurge- not only are you supporting the local arts, but chances are, it will stay in your house for a very long time.

Area Rug
Persian, Turkish and Oriental rugs are a home staple to many. These tapestries will likely outlast other pieces of furniture in your living areas. Bonus? They look even better with age.

Stop by our gallery today to add a few timeless pieces to your decor!

5 tips for keeping your furniture beautiful

Failing to maintain your beautiful pieces of furniture is a major home decor no-no.
There are plenty of homemade and store-bought cleaners for the different surfaces and materials of your decor, but take a few extra steps for the most care. 
Following these tips and tricks will keep your furniture looking its best!
1. Keep leather furniture out of direct sunlight
If your living room gets plenty of natural light, try to position it on a north or south wall. Keeping it out of the light prevents drying and cracking.
2. Test furniture cleaner in an inconspicuous spot.
It's so easy to make a stain look worse if the cleaning mixture doesn't agree with the material or surface its cleaning. Test a small spot on the back of a couch (if it's against a wall), the inside
3. Clean spills and stains as quickly as possible. 
We're human, accidents happen. Like clothes, removing the stain before it sets will increase the chances they will disappear. It's best to have the right cleaning products for your furniture BEFORE these spills happen. 
4. Go green.
Avoid harsh chemicals, especially for your wood and leather furniture. 
5. Protect your fabric.
If your shopping for something new, many fabrics and upholstery material now have stain repelling technology. A similar treatment can be done on older pieces by a professional cleaning service. 

An Eye for Design

Have you come in to our store lately? We'd love to hear how the experience went! Here's a great review from a customer who was in last fall: martiniglassesblackbird

"The first time I walked into Blackbird was like going into that little store in Gremlins where the dad bought Gizmo. It's filled to the rim with amazing, functional and some one of a kinds items (gifts, lighting, tables and furniture). They sell "off the floor" so you will not see the item return to the store....once it's gone it's gone.

In talking to the owners, Wayne and Mindy, I discovered they hand select each item in the store based on their travels across the globe. They sort of remind me of a mix between Peterman from Seinfeld and The Most Interesting Man in the World. They have an eye for design and any time I'm in town I stop in."

Thank you, Matt!

Decorate for summer with Black Bird

As the rest of the nation begins to thaw from a record-breaking winter, and all the spring breakers and snow birds slowly head back north, it's time for the locals to come out and play! After your spring cleaning is done, treat your home (and yourself!) to something nice. We're always getting in new stuff, so be sure to stop by frequently and see what's new at Black Bird! 


It's that season again, Sarasota!

We couldn't be more excited to welcome all of our seasonal residents for another beautiful winter-spring in Sarasota. Can't decide what to do with that guest room? Maybe your furnished condo needs an upgrade? Our collections range from classic Floridian beach homes to modern and LA glam.

It's out with the old, and in with the new. There's something for everyone at Black Bird Home Gallery, so stop in today!


We now carry Match Pewter home accessories!

One of the most exciting things for us is when we get new items in the store! It is great seeing new pieces with different colors and designs. One of our latest additions is stunning Match Pewter. We have many pieces all over the store, ranging from frames to clocks. Look closely and you see their amazing detail and finish. Stop in the store and we will show you all of the great new pieces that we have added to the gallery! 


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 Photo Oct 24 2 13 10 PM

















It's time to decorate for Fall!

It is officially Fall! The weather is cooling down and days are beginning to fill with pumpkin spiced things. As the season changes, it's important to update your home as well. Change out your bright coral colored pillows for an Autumn orange, and your tiki chairs for warm armchairs. 


Stop by Blackbird and take a look at our new Fall items we have in the store!

Start planning your home makeover!

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Blackbird Home Gallery is on a mini vacation, because everyone deserved a little break, don't you think? So while we are gone, you have time to start planning your home makeover!

Summer is over and the kids are back to school. You survived another busy season of summer camps and activities, so you deserve a reward. Why not make that reward a nice home redecorating?!

We reopen Tuesday, August 27th, so stop by with your ideas and we will make them happen!


It's time to brighten up for Summer!

6The days are long and hot. It's Summertime in Sarasota, FL which means it's time to brighten up your house as well!

We have been getting in the perfect summer items; accessories, lighting, furniture, etc.

Stop in and take a look around. We promise you will find the perfect additions to your home so you are ready for your summer entertaining!


Sarasota's Black Bird Home Gallery


The blackbird is known for its simplistic beauty and smart thinking. It is the best kept secret in home design in Sarasota, FL.

That’s part of the reason why Wayne Rollins named his new and unique gallery for the bird with dark imagery and simple lines. The store is like nothing else in Sarasota and Rollins takes specific measures to make sure of that.

He hand picks every item sold in the store and travels far and wide to find them. From California to North Carolina to China and everywhere in between, Rollins seeks out pieces he loves and features them in his store.

Stop by the gallery today and see all of the new pieces that have come in for the summer!


When was the last time your spruced up your home?

1With summer just around the corner, that means you will be having visitors and parties! Why not spruce up your home a bit with a new piece of furniture?

You don't have to sacrifice glamour to enjoy the ease of coastal living. The beauty of the natural landscape inspires our furniture lines.

Organic and textural. Yet Sophisticated. The result is comfort with fashion. Put your feet up and look good doing it.

Stop in the store today and check out all of the new pieces we have in!


It's time to accessorize and decorate your home!



As the weather begins to warm, it's time for evening parties and family gatherings to begin! Stop in today and add a little sparkle to your home with some of the new accessories we carry.

Accessories reflect your mood, personalizing your space and creating a sense of home:

The rich scent of a hand crafted candle, the glamour of a beaded pillow, the comfort of a cashmere throw.

See you soon!



Black Bird Home Gallery Presents New Trends in Home Furnishings


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The blackbird is known for its simplistic beauty and smart thinking, said Wayne Rollins, owner of the Black Bird Home Gallery, the best kept secret in home design in Sarasota, located at 1540 Main Street. That’s part of the reason he named his new and unique gallery for the bird with dark imagery and simple lines. The store is like nothing else in Sarasota and Rollins takes specific measures to make sure of that. He hand picks every item sold in the store and travels far and wide to find them. From California to North Carolina to China and everywhere in between, Rollins seeks out pieces he loves and features them in his store. You won’t find any matching sets in the boutique style gallery – a trend that Rollins says is growing across the country. “I find that people don’t want to buy something and set it up in their home, and then go visit their neighbor and see the exact same set. Our philosophy is simple- surround yourself with pieces that you love, and mixing styles is ok.”


The Black Bird Home Gallery has been on Main Street for a little over two years and is Rollins’ first venture into retail. Wayne and his wife Mindy moved to Florida from Los Angeles, California and much of his style, he says, comes from trends he watched emerge on the west coast. The Rollins’ were drawn to Sarasota for its cultural environment and wanted to start and raise a family while doing what they love- inspiring others to set their own design trends.

“Many people who move to Florida want to get rid of their old heavy furniture and move into a lighter more Tommy Bahama type scene but they then end up missing some of their antiques. What we try and promote is that you can have both. Surround yourself with things that you find beautiful. The furniture shouldn’t demand your attention, or darken the room but you can fit pieces in here and there that you love.”

Walking into the gallery gives customers a good idea of exactly what he’s talking about. Beautiful and unique pieces in all different styles fill up the space creating a very warm and cozy feel, yet nothing is a set. The beauty of the natural landscape inspires the furniture lines with organic and textural, yet sophisticated pieces. The result is comfort with fashion.

You’ll find tables with petrified wood bases, a room divider with gold laced pearl tiles, ceramic animal sconces, and pieces that incorporate all of the elements at Blackbird. “Not all sofas need to be TV sofas,” said Rollins, while pointing out a unique and funky piece that can be a centerpiece for a room.

He says he very rarely buys anything twice and sometimes gets a bit weary when his favorites go out the door. “I don’t buy anything that I feel lukewarm about, and that is a concept that everyone should weave into their home design.” You’re bound to find plenty to love at this trend setting and understated design mecca, the Black Bird Home Gallery.


Black Bird Home Gallery is the creation of Mindy and Wayne Rollins. Originally from Atlanta, they lived in Los Angeles for years pursuing careers and interests in art, film and interior design. Finally ready to find their forever home and realize their creative dreams, Mindy and Wayne moved to Sarasota in 2008 and opened Black Bird Home Gallery in November 2009. They live with their son on Longboat Key. For more information go to

Five Ways to Welcome Spring Inside

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year on Florida’s Gulf Coast. The sun is bright but not yet ablaze, and that sea breeze is just begging for some gauzy curtains to flutter. It’s nearly impossible to stay indoors, isn’t it? But you’re not at all fated to feeling cooped up. Why not invite some of that spring feeling into your home? Here are a handful of suggestions for turning your living spaces into a light-filled natural haven like the one you’re seeing out your window.

1) It’s okay to let go of your traditional spring color scheme. No more lavenders, robin’s egg blues and sea-foam greens—go reflective. White immediately opens up a room, and won’t blind the eye when tempered with the glow of warm gold tones and pearly grays.

2) While we’re on the subject of gold, designs in metal actually can evoke spring’s delicacy. The softer sheen of pewter, brass and vintage wrought iron lend themselves to a surprisingly organic atmosphere.

3) Look for pieces that carry a balance of airiness and weight—they almost fool the eye in their delicate appearance, but are completely solid in terms of function.

4) No matter what season it is, your home’s style should be an expression of “you.” With just a little searching, you can easily unearth one-of-a-kind finds that tie a whole room together without being a part of any set or collection in existence. In spring you’ll find perfectly unique discoveries in the beauty of nature, particularly in unrefined textures and patterns seen in wood, plants and shells. 

5) When putting together a space in a home, it’s common to think large-scale first. But spring is the perfect time to focus on beauty in small packages and fine details. Instead of starting with a bureau or sofa, explore accents and give yourself the freedom to coordinate without matching. Suddenly, you may find yourself standing in a room that seems to have come together all on its own—looking fresh, organic and inspired.

Trend: Vintage Materials Meet High Quality

The terms “vintage” or “reclaimed” in home décor often evoke images of shabby fabrics and dilapidated old barn wood. Lately, however, we’ve noticed a shift in character among vintage finds. They don’t scream “save me;” in fact, they need little to no help in being restored to their former glory. They’re already glorious. Check out these three fine examples.

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